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In order to achieve the versatility of a Lite Weight Band that can be used in a variety of situations to collect Cost Effective,
LifeConnect has created the following components:


LifeConnect Band

The LifeConnect Band is a wearable "Careable" that has embedded sensors and multiple wireless radios to cost effectively connect with individuals outside of the point of care to engage, collect time bits of data, communicate with rapid diagnostics, sending the DATA seamlessly to the cloud and AI to show trends and drive greater adherence.

The band is designed to be disposable.

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Lean Operating System (LifeOS)

LifeConnect developed a Lean Operating System (LifeOS) that highly optimizes very small processors without Memory Management Units (MMU), allowing for Wearables, Sensors and Patches to conserve battery life, reduce size and cost. LifeOS is perfect for applications such as monitoring and analyzing an individual's health, personal preferences, and routines, and reconfiguring electronic devices.  

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Next Generation of Patents

Life365 and the L365Labs have been very fortunate to secure the next generation of wearables, sensors and patches, using the Lean Operating System (LeanOS), driven by the users own data which is analyzed by AI / Analytics changing the configuration of the devices based on the users own data.  The patents are a Family of Omnibus Patents that can be split into a large number of patents.

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The LifeConnect band with its onboard sensors (HR, HRV, Stress, Hydration, Temperature, Location and Movement), seamless wireless capability and NFC to connect with rapid diagnostics provides a perfect solution to help bring in tiny bits of actionable data that can help feed DATA Models to show trends, help take the stress off of the healthcare system by monitoring remotely and help people go back to work safely.


Careable Demo

Watch a demonstration of the LifeConnect "Careable" provide a simple icon driven display, communicating to a Rapid Diagnostics with a Near-Field (NFC) tag, sending the data to the cloud, then disposing of the rapid diagnostic.  Also, see an Employee Badge touched to the band, sending the credentials to the cloud.  The NFC can be used to pair OEM Medical devices, sensors and patches to the band via bluetooth.

Key Differentiating Features

Rapid Diagnostics

Touch and Send Data to the Cloud

Smaller / Disposable

Use of LeanOS to Save Size, Power and Cost

Intelligence Driven

Cloud Connected AI Driven Band

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